1 year with ProPace, countless smiles!

Published by on August 20, 2017

My music journey started probably before I was even born. My mum is a music teacher and since I remember every morning her singing was spread around the house. When I was 3, I already knew so many songs by heart and it probably helped me to remember the theory at school. I could remember so much from the lectures.

In addition to my love for music, I loved being surrounded by people. My parents often met groups of my friends at home when they came back from work. I loved organising football matches, singing or cooking afternoons, name days, bonfire parties etc. Looking back, those events would happen spontaneously. I was always surrounded by many people and I loved spontaneous ideas! On the other hand I also liked to wonder, just walk alone and think about different ideas. I dreamt about traveling far, meeting new cultures, spreading peace and happiness. I always wanted to inspire people and spark the light in their hearts. I am from a small town and I saw many people who had so much potential, but they lacked an inspiration, the right circle of people. They lacked the positive energy that would make them feel like they can achieve anything they strive for in life. I always wanted to spread such energy.

Keeping this thought in my mind, I started attracting positive, uplifting events to my life. I attended music camps, castings, and theatre workshops where I met amazing people. I then had the idea of being an au pair and finally studying in Denmark. Thanks to that I started traveling and I met so many cultures just as I always wanted. It opened my eyes and put me out of my comfort zone. I didn’t know anybody, and I had never been to Denmark before. This experience made me grow up fast. Moreover, studying Innovation was a great career choice. I caught the entrepreneurship bug and I got addicted to thinking about diverse ideas for projects. Starting up projects with people from all over the world taught me so much leadership, management and problem solving. I was so happy that I kept developing!

Still one thing was missing. MUSIC. I started thinking about it more and more. Then I started a little band with friends.

Eventually, I got the opportunity to lead a choir! The choir in Lærdansk (a Danish language school) was looking for a new leader and coordinator and they asked me if I would like to join. I was so excited but then I grew weary, thinking … hola hola….leading a choir…?! Then my other side woke up and told me – Daria you like challenges and you love music! I thought, well it can’t go wrong then! My subconscious also told me that I always liked integrating people. Therefore I thought- ok, I am not a professional conductor, but I have skills to develop, promote a project and integrate people. I got even more excited! All of those plus music! My ideal match!

Even though I was excited, I didn´t have high expectations for this project. I was aware that I didn’t have any professional background of leading a choir but deep in my heart I had a vision of creating an integration platform for people who love music. I felt that it will be amazing to connect people from all over the world in one room and spread the joy, happiness and peace along with the music notes.

Do you know what happened? After one week of working on the project, 30 new people came to join the choir! Many of them are still in the choir! Things started developing quickly and suddenly I started arranging songs for the choir, organizing different cultural events, and leading 8 Christmas concerts! We also sang in 8 different languages during those concerts! We even became a choir of the month in DOKK1 Aarhus!

As my project in Lærdansk was coming to an end and there was no more budget, I decided to continue anyway. Choir became my international music family, my meaning! Even though I didn’t have a job I decided to register a volunteering organisation (frivillig forening). We chose a board of directors and we put lots of effort to promote the choir.

On Tuesday (5th of September) one year passed since I started the choir. Nearly 70 members have joined since then, 16 concerts done and a music tour in Norway experienced! I am not even counting the cultural events organised for the choir members and fans with lots of food, languages and sharing cultures from all over the world! All of this with no budget, just a volunteering job and lots of passion! And even though I am doing it completely for free I feel so fulfilled. Now we have 6 concerts planned just until the beginning of November in the refugee center, retirement house, during the Peace Festival etc. The best part is that all the concerts are on the request! I was also so happy seeing lots of new members this semester, my effort is paying off!

Now I am realizing that with no experience and no budget I have been doing what I always dreamt about. It just convinces me that we really can do anything when we do it with passion, keep our enthusiasm high, and we don’t get discouraged by failure. When you see countless smiles, that is the best payment!

So…never underestimate the power of passion!