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Published by on January 9, 2018

January in Aarhus is grey, cold and moody. This Monday, though, was a fresh sunny afternoon at Lærdansk in Aarhus. Lærdansk is the ultimate place where you can meet hundreds of internationals spending their evenings in the quest to learn Danish and integrate. Laura Gomez is part of the same crew, and you’ll find her struggling with Danish for a few hours, then singing in alto with Pro Pace choir at Lærdansk facilities. This Monday was different for me too, because I got the chance to talk to Laura – a member of the choir since 2016, and Pro Pace’s human of the month, who will share her story with us.

Getting to know Laura

Laura is the 26-year-old Spanish (and half Chilean) señorita of our choir. She came from Ibiza (what!) to Aarhus, around one and a half years ago, to participate in an EVS journalism project.

“We are normal people in Ibiza. I mean I haven’t dedicated half of my life to the drugs like most would assume. I’m just from the island.”

She studied journalism in Barcelona and dreamt of an international career, but it came to her realization that she didn’t speak a word of English by the time she graduated. But, why let that stop her? Off she went to the UK to learn English, only to bring back home the worst experience of her life. Everything that happened in England, stays there. The point is, it was not the right time nor country for her, for reasons she would find out later, in Aarhus.

As the courageous person she is, Laura started a new adventure away from Ibiza, this time in Denmark. In 2016, by the time she arrived in Aarhus, her English had improved and she worked as a social journalist, telling the stories of the minority groups in Denmark.

Personal interview

Laura telling her story

Laura met the choir, but also …

This is the point where Laura joins Pro Pace choir, as a social getaway of intensive voluntary project work. As she says:

” When you are a European volunteer, you are completely involved in the project: in a really extreme way! You live with the other European volunteers, you work with them, hang out with them, so sometimes it can be a bit tiring” and continues “…the environment I found in the choir was so open and friendly. People were here for singing, but also, they really wanted to make friends. It felt like a community and I really needed it in that moment.”

Pro Pace choir is a music social platform, and for Laura, it was the place where she could disconnect from everyday stress, connect with other members, sing and have fun. In reality, for Laura, it was even more. During her year with the choir, Laura fell in love with another choir member, and they are now living together. They say love has its ways – and in this case, it took a turn through Pro Pace choir.

When in Denmark

Coming from Ibiza, where the standard temperature is above 25 degrees, Laura feels Denmark is absurdly cold. To cope with this, she wears 2-3 pairs of socks when going outside. As it can be understood, it is very easy to constantly run out of socks. So, except for stealing her boyfriend’s socks, she also needs to ask him for help to get her boots on, ending up confessing about her small “crime”.  You can always identify Laura with her socks and cute laughter. She loves her colorful socks, which are also multifunctional. She uses them as a phone cover, or to carry around different objects, such as special powered quartz stones.

Dreams and aspirations

To make ends meet, Laura is working in IKEA, but her dream is to work as a social journalist and help people – which is why she wants to study Global Refugee Master Programme and is volunteering in Aarhus solidarity project. If everything goes as planned, she will need to buy more socks and you will find her helping the people of Denmark while singing with Pro Pace.

Her dream is to help people in need.


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