Meet Linh Doan

Published by on February 25, 2018

One of the evenings after choir practices, while Christian was playing his latest improvisation on the piano, I was waiting for Linh Doan to finish her phone call. When the phone was ringing, she was humming Christian’s melody, and when finally the phone was picked up, she started speaking a language I didn’t understand. Vietnamese, I assumed.

Getting to know Linh

Linh Doan is a 24-year-old Vietnamese girl who, like many of us, moved to Denmark because of love.  Back in Vietnam, she studied Marketing Management in an international university, worked as an English teacher and at marketing agencies.

Linh joined the choir, because …

She used to sing in a choir for many years, and she missed the social life that comes with it. When Linh moved to Denmark, she met Jacob from Lærdansk volunteering center and got motivated to join Propace international choir.

Linh’s life changed when …

When Linh was 17, she was awarded the first prize winner of  “Hot Vietnamese Teen” – the equivalent of dance European talent shows in Vietnam. This talent show was a groundbreaking event for Linh because for the first time she moved from the capital Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, and she felt like she’d grown up. (by the way, these cities are beautiful)

Another big event was meeting her husband in Vietnam and deciding to move together to Denmark. This was a moment where she really felt she’d grown up.

A fun fact about Linh is that she has discovered she has attachment OCD, which means she easily gets very attached to things and people around her. For example, she was really attached to her kitchen and her garden, until her mother in law invaded this space. Right now, she is deeply attached to her dog, and sometimes she even misses choir practices because she doesn’t want to leave her dog alone. True loyalty, y’all.

Dreams and aspirations

The biggest dream Linh ever had was to open a creative primary school in Vietnam – to inspire and motivate the education of children. But, because she is away right now, she has to pack this dream in a drawer and focus on integrating and making a meaningful living in Denmark.



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