Meet Gabrielé

Published by on May 9, 2018

Written by Laura V. Gómez

May has decided to be a really sunny month, at least for the first weeks – let’s try not to jinx it and not to make too much fuss about it. We don’t want the sun to get shy and hide. One of these beautiful sunny evenings, I sat with Gabrielé, the currently responsible voice for the alto group in the ProPace International Choir. In the rehearsals you can easily spot Gabrielé as she is usually walking around all the altos, singing the right tone and placing herself next to the ones who are struggling more with the notes, to guide them with her beautiful voice. But let’s hear her story.

Getting to know Gabrielé

Gabrielé is a 24 years old girl from Lithuania, who arrived in Denmark in August 2017. She is studying here, completing an Erasmus Mundus Master in Journalism, Media and Globalisation. However, her bachelor degree is in Asian Studies with a specialty in Arabic language and culture. Wow, that sounds cool! And it looks like it was insightful too, as this degree gave her a wider perspective of the world. Gabrielé feels that we should all value the privilege of living in an independent country. Also, she thinks that the privileged countries and those who live there should have a responsibility towards the countries who are suffering, instead of just ignoring them, as they have the resources to help them. These were some of the reasons for her master choice.

But also, in general, Gabrielé likes social initiatives – back in Lithuania she has been a freelance communication manager, taking care of the promotion of social initiatives like “Line of Hope” and a network between neighbors to encourage them to take actions when they suspect there is domestic violence around them. Volunteering and caring for a community is important to her, as she believes it is important to give, not only to take. Though her career at the moment seems to focus on a social level, she feels the future is very open and she does not want to close doors on herself as she likes many things.

Music in Gabrielé’s life

One of the things that she has always liked is music. As she explains, music is a huge part of Lithuania’s culture, but in her family is even more. They really enjoy music. Her mum and dad have always sung and, as she describes, every time they gather with other members of the family or friends, a guitar would appear and space would be filled with music. She also sings sometimes with her mum in two voices, her mum as a soprano and she as an alto. Her love for music drove her to play different instruments as well. Gabrielé plays piano, guitar, and ukulele, but her main instrument is the kanklès, a traditional Lithuanian instrument.

With music being part of her life, when she started her bachelor degree she joined a choir and she was part of it for 4 years. For her, the hardest part of leaving and moving to Denmark was leaving the choir behind. So of course, when she arrived at Aarhus, she looked for a choir to join.

What may surprise you the most is that, among all her interests, she is really into the off-road rally. She just loves it! She was very excited because this year the Dakar Rally had three Lithuanian teams and as she says “That was really something!”. The event is always on in January, so she was sitting at home during the exam period trying to find a way to see the Lithuanian episodes.

Dreams and aspirations

Gabrielé does not have a clear path as she basically loves everything and she finds that the future has so many different choices. If she could, she would just try all of them! She shows a very positive attitude about everything new and challenging. She feels very lucky about every decision she has made during her life as she feels that all of them had taught her something. And as she says “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get”, but chocolate is always good, so let’s hope for the best in her future.


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