Pro Pace is an international music community  based in Aarhus. It is not just an amateur choir but organization integrating internationals living in Denmark. The choir members come from all over the world and sing in many different languages. Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of nationality, age, education, religion etc. The diversity is more than welcome!

Our goal is to integrate Danes and internationals through music and share our joy with others, especially with those in need of good vibes.

That’s not all. ProPace does music workshops, events to show different cultures not just with music but also with food and art!

You can order one concert or workshop to integrate your employees, students etc or embellish your party. Check out the section workshops.

The choir was founded in October 2014 by Karolina Kamola, conductor, and Kasia Skoluda, pedagogue and multimedia designer. Elwira Rejnowicz, the voice teacher in 2014-2015, also committed to the choir from its early days. The choir partnered-up with Lærdansk Aarhus from the very beginning, and so we have had our office and rehearsals there ever since.

In 2016, Daria Turowska – entrepreneur and vocalist – took over as the leader and coordinator of the choir. In March 2017, the choir became registered as a non-profit organization with fully functioning board of directors.

Meet the Board


Daria, the chairman of the ProPace, is a passionate creative self-starter from Poland. She is educated in Markeing Management and Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Denmark. She has a background in music from Poland, such as performance and music school. She is specialized in singing technique, so even if you don`t sing well but you feel like joining the choir, she can definitely help you. Taking over responsibilities for leading and coordinating the choir in September 2016 was a great combination of her experiences and skills. She loves doing that and she hopes to spread her enthusiasm about the project


I am an aspiring film producer who finds happiness through dancing and singing. I have been a Producer, Director and a Scriptwriter for many small projects in Aarhus and in Malaysia, which is where i come from. My passion for dancing started 10 years ago when i first did my baby steps in Salsa, and singing started when i was 7 years old, and thank god it never stopped. I am happy to be a voice of the choir as these are a bunch of passionate people who are filled with positive vibes and so much love to give.


As I have a background of studying piano and also arts then during my free time I enjoy everything that is connected with music or art. That is also the reason why I joined the choir. Being part of the choir gives me a lot of good energy. I am more than happy when I can use my professional experience as well as knowledge from my studies to help the choir in financial management. It is also a position where I can learn a lot and hopefully give something back to the choir.


During the day I’m a software and web developer.
In my free time I help the choir out with the website, sing with choir and do sports, such as Disc Golf.
Singing is quite new for and I’m happy to have found the ProPace choir to take up the challenge.
Otherwise, I come from Estonia and have been in Denmark for 10 years.


When I was 14 I moved on my own to study in Denmark and have been here since. I am currently studying computer science at Aarhus university, because I like computers and they like me. Aside from that I love reading and have had a long list of hobbies, everything from karate to ballet. I love the learning so whenever I get the opportunity to try something new I throw myself at it. I dream of traveling and seeing the world and what it have to offer. I joined the choir late summer of 2016 with prior experience in singing whatsoever, a common joke in the choir is that if I can learn to sing then anyone can. I found that I really enjoy singing and that the people in the choir are a blast to hang out with and so I decided to join the board of directors to help promote the choir and give a little back to a group of people that have brought me so much joy the last year. In that capacity I code maintain the choir webpage. It also sometimes befalls me to be the speaker that present the choir during events and concerts.


Kasia, cofounder of the choir from Poland, Silesia. She is educated as a special pedagogue specialized in social rehabilitation and as a multimedia designer. She loves photography, film, books and gardening. She was a coordinator of the choir 2014-2016 and she has been working with graphic and multimedia – visual face of the choir.


I’ve moved to Aarhus quite recently, and thanks to the ProPace choir, I was given the warmest welcome. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends, sing together and just enjoy the international atmosphere.

As a Multimedia Design student, I take care of the choir’s visual identity and this website. If you’re curious to see my other work, you can visit my portfolio.


Text on the way.


Viktorija came to Denmark from Lithuania almost 6 years ago with the hope that she can make a change in her life. She have finished the Bachelor in finance and after trying different work places she managed to get a job as an economy coordinator. ‘After long days at work, I like to relax in the good company of friends, taking long walks or just chilling. I also love playing poker, where the risk, bluff, logic and game combine. It’s not a surprise, especially for the ones who know me, that the singing was the main activity, following me more than half of my life. Wonderful people, amazing atmosphere, ‘family’ feeling – that’s what kept me in Pro Pace as a singer and drove me to help our choir’s economy and finance


I came to Denmark 3 years ago pursuing the dream of a quality higher education in Denmark, but to my surprise, I found much more – the love of my life, long term friendships and a second family – Propace choir. The choir was like an oase of happiness in my journey of integration, studies and 3 different jobs. Today, after 3 years I study Digital Concept Development, work as a marketing assistant and I am happy to join the Propace board of directors as PR specialist – to give back even just a small amount of what the choir has given to me.


In alphabetical and chronological order, I’m Bulgarian, ex children’s choir singer, a trained lab technician, and undergraduate in Molecular Medicine at Aarhus Uni. In my free time, you are likely to find me @geocaching in the woods, singing karaoke with friends or devouring novels on my Kindle. As I am an active member of student organisations at AU, I realised I can use some of the know-how if I were to become part of ProPace’s board – and so I did. Currently, I am the secretary of the board and happy to engage in, among other things, structuring and organizing our documentation.