Learn with Daria

Daria, the chairman of the ProPace, is a passionate creative self-starter from Poland.  She has a background in music from Poland, such as performance and music school. She has been practicing singing professionally since she was 6 with polish and international music coaches and artists such like Michal Urbaniak, Bartosz Caboń, Femi Temowo, Joanna Zagdanska, Grazyna Łobaszewska, Kasia Kowalska, Joanna Luto, Danuta Błażejczyk and more. She was finalist in numerous festivals and her effort and passion payed of when she became a finalists of The Voice of Polonia competition. 

Daria loves spreading her enthusiasm about singing and teaching people what she loves the most! She is connecting techniques of mixed singing with relaxation exercises and a bit of yoga to engage whole body and mind in singing!  Don’t you feel like singing already now?


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