Daria Turowska, the choir’s leader also offers music workshops.  No matter age, the workshop can be customised to everybody!

Private music workshop for smaller groups, up to 15 people. It is a good idea for a birthday party, bachelor party or spending great evening with friends and learn a concrete singing techniques – the methods for mixed singing! Unique and fun exercises will make you laugh and understand singing better. Those will include: relaxing, rhythm, breathing and  warming up the muscles exercises. You will also learn songs, free of choice. Workshop lasts 1,5 hour but you can arrange it precisely with Daria. It can be organized in Aarhus N at her apartment or at your home. Daria is also cooperating with an Italian restaurant, so you can connect the workshop with dinner or lunch (and get a discount!)

Integrating music workshop – It is recommended for the companies or schools and it is an interesting and fun way to make people get to know each other. Exercises will include music/acting ice breakers, singing warm up with a breathing technique +  relaxation and opening up exercises, people will also learn a song and feel the power of singing together! Time of the workshop varies from 2-5 hours. Place of the workshop can be fixed together, ProPace choir has many partners which are open for cooperation.

Music workshop with creative confidence concept – Daria did a research about creative confidence and led workshops about it in Prague, Poland and Denmark. Therefore she also believes (and it is proven by research ) that everybody can sing, because creativity lies in each and every one of us!
The workshop will give you the tools how to boost creativity and her techniques will help you to build creative confidence every day! The workshops has 3 parts: creative confidence, how to build it; singing exercises with the opening up and relaxing methods; learning the song + question and a discussion.

Singing can make miracles, are you ready for this?

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Every workshop can be either for beginners or for the more advanced.